'Tiny Vipers' recording for Citystreet HiHat in Berlin, August 2009
(((Citystreet HiHat)))

'citystreet hihat' is a very special city-vibe recording series with spontaneous, intimate city-room-ambient-field-acoustic-recording-sessions with indie bands on tour during their berlin stop.

recording sessions for 'citystreet hihat' can take place offside the venues, offside the shows: in the cities streets, parks, hotel rooms, at a friends house, a rooftop or at a lake...

the citystreet hihat recordings, additional extras and photos of the sessions will be published in a virtual 7" format on the internet for free.

tiny vipers (jesy fortino) is no.#1 of the series. she performs three songs of the 2009 album 'life on earth' (sub pop).

free listen now: vol1 w/ tiny vipers

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citystreet hihat ©2009 stephan laackman