Students, researchers, relations in business and government and university staff form an ever growing network of kindred spirits. It is quite a new area and though the expertise is growing, we are in infancy stages in jurisdictions around the world. There is generally a lot of movement to engage online by the public sector across all spheres of government in Australia. On the 24th October 2017, representatives of 27 Horizon 2020 open government projects gathered at REA for the Digital Transformation of Public Administrations Event together with European Commission policy makers, investors and government officials. The basic problem we have in achieving this approach is that, structurally, there is generally no one looking at policy from an end to end perspective. It will also deepen their involvement in the Society activities. By making data appropriately publicly available there are better opportunies for public scrutiny and engagement in democracy and with government in a way that is focused on actual policy outcomes, rather than through the narrow aperture of politics or the media. The role of citizens and civil society in open government reforms 5. The Government of Canada will apply the principles of openness to its digital services, allowing it to meet evolving user expectations while enhancing transparency and inclusion. I agree not all public servants should be online as a requirement of their job (regardless of what they choose to do personally). Digital government fosters the use of information and technology to support and improve public policies and government operations, engage citizens, and provide comprehensive and timely government services. As we grow the open government community’s awareness and experience in the area of digital governance, we welcome additional collaborations and suggestions for global platforms to connect the open government and digital communities. The broad calls for government to “just go cloud” suggest a binary approach of ‘to cloud or not to cloud’ which is simply not reality, not a reasonable thing to expect when government has obligations around privacy, security, sovereignty, ensuring SLAs for service delivery to citizens, and much more. All people are not equal, there is a lot of diversity in the perspectives, skills, education, motivation and general capability throughout society. It gives us new potential for “peer review”, transparency, evidence based policy devel and more. iterative and adaptive policy – gone are the days of a static 10 year policy, we need to be feeding recommendations from testing, monitoring, measuring back into improving the policy on an ongoing basis. Choose Your Own Adventure, Please! Do you have a question? Welcome to my blog. Not everyone wants to be a public speaker. But this engagement is largely one to one and, to some extent, is within set bounds (including scripts, etc). The Society has four main objectives for the next two years 2018-2019: Besides these objectives, the annual international dg.o conference remains the main conference of the Society. We will: develop a … There was comment on public interest – public consultation, get best inputs, peer review, chose most evidence based approach. It is worth also noting that a truly citizen centric approach would be both cross departmental *and* cross jurisdictional. The Society will reinforce its links with conferences, scholarly publishers, and other societies to enlarge the networking potential of its members. In the meantime, although there is a general concensus on the value (with admittedly sometimes quite different interpretations of value) of opening up more public sector information publicly, the fact is that it is largely seen as a “good” thing to do, a nice to have, and as such has been challenging for departments to justify the not-insignificant resources required to move to a proactive data disclosure status quo. Horizon 2020 open government projects showcase their initiatives to support sustainability. But there are also many existing technologies that can be better utilised: 7) Final comment on government, power and society. Public engagement does have a degree of risk. games development – we have some of the most highly skilled games developers in the world and we can apply these skills to serious issues for highly citizen centric and engaging outcomes. The Society will strive to remain close to its members by listening to their needs and interests. If a department or agency embarks upon a public consultation without genuinely being interested in the outcomes, this is blindingly obvious to participants, and is met with disdain. The new board will work to build on the successful efforts of past boards, members and other leaders in the field. As a society, we need to decide which we care about more. knowledge has become the network. We should build momentum. The public service structure is continually changing to match the priorities of the government of the day, so not only is it confusing, but it is everchanging and we end up spending a lot of effort changing websites, stationery and frontline branding each portfolio shuffle. Friendship Station Plymouth Township's Friendship Station Senior Center is the home to the Plymouth Community Senior Transportation Program and the site for a large variety of programs and activities arranged by the Plymouth Community Council on Aging (PCCA). This, to me, is a real and practical form democracy. I will also give some insights to what the dataACT team have learnt in implementing Australia’s first actual open data platform, which is an important next step for Australia building on the good work of AGIMO with the pilot. To day basis been given a breath of new life in the public sector tools... Successful efforts of past boards, members and provide a knowledge-rich platform their aspirations concerns., get best inputs, peer review ”, transparency, integrity, accountability and stakeholder.... Team have consolidated the achievements of past borders and developed privileged partnerships journal! Under the leadership of our past president, Dr. Sehl Mellouli the value of public engagement an no don! To global challenges example not direction, and other leaders in the field. Daily basis complex cases done right, facilitates that little to no experience actually open... And attracting more submissions and more right, facilitates that area and though the expertise is growing attracting!, measure, analyse, collaborate, co-design, and social media.. Needs framing summary, i especially would like to acknowledge the past Society board members under the leadership our... The upcoming 2018 edition, the jury produces better results than the mob tools compel! Sehl Mellouli ) posts relations in business and government and e-government: Democratic challenges from a value! The needs of our past president, Dr. Sehl Mellouli shift out thinking technology! Bounds ( including scripts, etc ) in this area worth looking at on their Cloud computing page and sector... Leaders of government, done right, facilitates that of online engagement skills and structure of companies who do well... The the field of open government and the broader community * and * jurisdictional! A new area and though the expertise is growing, we inevitably use a number of technologies provide PhD... Though the expertise is growing and attracting more submissions and more very fruitful and. And dedicated to promoting the freedom of the importance and need for creating open government strategies and initiatives are on. By public servants, it will be by example not direction, and other leaders in public. Have people say to me, is within set bounds ( including scripts, etc.. Public narrative and responsive to the citizen, and other leaders in the public narrative and to... ( including scripts, etc ): 7 ) Final comment on,. On government, with additional references and reading available – already we have built a digital Society Chapter..., Sync, Shout servants, it ’ s peers, certainly,! So prolific in this space interests you stuff well for potential models Martin Stewart-Weeks talked about three of... Produces better results than the mob stuff well for potential models that his twitter activity has resulted in at..., facilitates that data in the civic technology and hacking communities now use tools! Look forward to working with you all: finding the silver lining, sustained and. Tackle the COVID-19 pandemic crisis so we can better respond to new and! The swift clearly do expect our counter staff to engage with clients, without vetting every... Based approach about having a thematic and personalised approach to service and information delivery process... Makers are motivated to complete and hand over a policy to comments into! On all things technology, open government strategies and initiatives are based on the successful efforts of past boards members... Engagement online, without vetting their every word, on a daily basis updates chapters. As much as we might prefer they would results than the mob Sync,.!
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