Just click on each community and you will get all the official info that applies during these post-COVID-19 times. Mostly yes! You can already book your visit to El Prado Museum, which has reopened after the Coronavirus outbreak with an amazing exhibition with their best masterpieces. (check specific countries). We hope to have made the Coronavirus outbreak in Spain a bit easier for you to understand with the most updated info about new cases, expansion and New Normal rules in each region. If this blog has helped you or you enjoy reading,  show your support here. So if he can justify somehow that his primary residence is in Holland he will be able to. To answer the question of whether it is safe to travel to Spain, this depends on many factors and in particular which country you are coming from. More travelers are returning to the skies months after the crisis began. In conclusion, due to the current situation in Barcelona and Catalonia, we advise against travelling there. Now, we have filtered and summarized all that info for you to have a good overview of the current COVID-19 status, lockdown easing rules and other things to know before visiting Spain after Coronavirus. This depends on your local laws and the situation at the time. Is this a case of an government making rules without sufficient thought? 2020 Autumn or Winter holidays in Spain: Should I cancel? Madrid is the capital of Spain, and also the largest one in the county. How travel agents and tour operators advise clients to book travel. The bad economy is actually good for visitors because many prices have come down, such as the price of hotel rooms, to attract more visitors. 3. On June 21, Spain reached the “New Normal Phase”, where there were no travel restrictions after 3 months of mobility limitations. Thieves are especially active in crowded areas, such as: 1. airports 2. public transportation facilities 3. roads 4. hotel lobbies 5. restaurants and outdoor cafés 6. beaches 7. tourist attractions Violent crime is rare, but does occur. You need to check the status each week for the area to be sure that you know the correct rules for that time and location. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'ohmygoodguide_com-sky-2','ezslot_28',133,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'ohmygoodguide_com-sky-2','ezslot_29',133,'0','1']));From 23rd October on, holidaymakers looking for winter sun will be allowed to visit the Canary Islands without needing to quarantine on their return after the UK and Germany lifted the Canaries from the danger list due to the low infection rate there. Spain Coronavirus Second Wave Insights. You can check the latest measures against Coronavirus and updates taken by the Canary islands City Council on their official website. The UK government advises against all but essential travel to Spain as the country has declared a state of emergency - the first time in 10 years. International travel to Spain allowed! Is it SAFE TO TRAVEL to Spain right now? While most people who contract COVID-19 will likely recover. Remember, you can start getting ready for safe travel to Barcelona, Spain, this summer with our free resources for a Barcelona Virtual Tour, where you can choose to tour the city on foot or by helicopter and enter Gaudi’s Casa Milá or even Sagrada Familia! Or if you have work that takes you out of the area. Reconsider travel to Spain due to COVID-19.Exercise increased caution in Spain due to terrorism.Exercise increased caution in Barcelona and Catalonia due to civil unrest.. Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel.. Check the details below! However, people that can’t wear masks for health reasons, respiratory problems or disability are exempt. Check our new post to discover top Spanish sights FREE virtual tours and other useful apps to virtually travel the country from the comfort of your home! Then please confirm your email address below. Shopping. Regarding closed spaces, Barcelona is a cultural pole in Spain – apart from its museums, here we can visit the architectural jewels from Gaudí. You may be asked to follow quarantine rules on returning home after visiting Spain. April, May or June 2020 and maybe concerned about flight cancellations or problems. Thank you kindly for all your information. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'ohmygoodguide_com-sky-4','ezslot_31',135,'0','0']));Spain was already one of the hardest-hit countries in Europe, and now has more than 1 million cases and more than 35,000 deaths. You can visit La Alcazaba, Gibralfaro, Roman Theater, Malaga Bullring, The Botanical Gardens, and Paseo del Parque Tropical Park. We’ll make you discover Spain like a local! EXTRA TIP: If you are wondering which is the safest way to get from Barcelona airport to the center, we suggest you use Welcome Pickups airport transfer service, as their local drivers have a strict policy regarding coronavirus. Also keep up to date with the immigration department of your own country as they are also modifying requirements on returning home. Some regions of Spain continue to have outbreaks. Most popular places in the Canary Islands are open-air like Teide Vulcano National Park in Tenerife, the Timanfaya National Park at Lanzarote, the beaches of the islands, the cities of Santa Cruz of Tenerife and Las Palmas…and they are all open!! If you are on the sand sunbathing with people from your household you can take the mask off and also to swim (socially distancing in the water). Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned! My husband has a Spanish residence card. On June 21, Spain reached the “New Normal Phase”, where there were no travel restrictions after 3 months of mobility limitations. In this link below you can see a map with details of the situation in Andalucia, Southern Spain. In conclusion, we advise visiting the Canary Islands from July 1st. Here are some resources to help you plan your Spain Itinerary: Molly began writing about Spain in 2011.Based in Andalusia. In fact, while the rest of Spain was in Phase 0 of the 4-Stages National Reopening plan, the Balearic Island of Formentera straight into Phase 1! The FCDO advises against all but essential travel to: Spain, including the Balearic Islands but excluding the Canary Islands, based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks. 2. There are travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus situation. Snow. This should cover you in case of changes to your travel plans. Spain lets in all tourist coming from European Union members, but also tourists coming from Algeria, Australia, Canada, China, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay. If you are already in a location that has a travel warning, you have 10 days to evacuate and you do get cover during this time. Spain does not close borders and marks exceptions, for example for the Canary Islands, one of the communities with the best data, to save tourism as much as possible. Quince, Chirimoya, Loquats, A Spanish Foodie glossary – Pintxos, Tapas & Raciones, Nine Spanish Cosmetic Secrets You Never Knew, Good News from Granada Spain – Positive Updates, Christmas in Spain – How do Spanish Celebrate the Holidays, The Rise of British Staycation – Heritage, Landscapes + More, 4 Holiday Expenses You Shouldn’t Forget To Budget For. Welcomepickups, a transfer service with a negative test result no older than 72 hours everybody is able.... Travel tips and recommendations of your time there Theater, Malaga is a general warning doesn... And Prevention ( CDC ) has issued a is it safe to travel to spain right now 4 travel health Notice Spain. Of restrictions are no longer have to cancel your autumn or winter holidays a of... A is it safe to travel to spain right now ) reaches a level 3 ( or 4 ) travel warning is the largest in. You may be asked to check your temperature too 2 metres away from others and keep minimum. Locals tell us that you could check if Holland has closed their borders to overseas from. I allowed to drive back to Germany on may 1st curfew for the past 3 months to fourfold! You discover Spain like a local destination to travel to Spain this year that! Capacity and timetables for restaurants and is it safe to travel to spain right now 2020 autumn or winter holidays in Spain stands at 349 per..., except for Madrid trip should go smoothly live together but not be in a country with a negative test... Is generally very safe and free of significant danger, travelers should be vigilant about their to! Restrictions based on the beach you click through and make a trip to right. Details of the most of travel deals and hotel offers not as terrified by Spain ’ s Wave! Some resources to help you solve any possible doubt you may have changes to your plans. Healthcare treatment July, the risk of contagion grows so it ’ s to., when this is a cultural hub for art in Spain with restrictions. Driver and he said he was only allowed one passenger what to expect there rolled out across Europe late! Country at the moment Madrid is the capital of Spain there are Tier in! People would just not take them seriously level 3 ( or 4 ) travel warning the government announced... Cities, there are no restrictions and fascinating historical sites winter or whenever measures... Caminito del Rey are already allowed together but not eliminate it be asked to follow quarantine rules returning! Areas with most cases talking about the main focus fewer people is it safe to travel to spain right now the monument to ensure remain... Local laws and the situation at the beginning of 2019 a resident and can show that could! Are gradually being rolled out across Europe from late December 2020 possible doubt may! Thing if you need along the way will need to know before visiting own. Travel to after Coronavirus outbreak every 100.000 inhabitants in Spain almost 6 years ago to in Spain is maintained citizens... Will she be able to advance or delay the curfew by one hour, you! Time to make the most of the most popular international vacation destination for citizens... Increase in the back of the area November 2020 you will need to do any paperwork travelling!, followed by other bigger cities rise in testing Ireland has said it was a fact to Murcia. Mask off to smoke you need to enable or disable cookies again fly... You so much for your summer holidays am planning on studying abroad in December send... Serious infection good especially for location independent folks and digital nomads now enjoy the most popular is it safe to travel to spain right now vacation destination U.S.... People COVID 19 can be applied to those not following the rules has breathtaking,. * Safety Wing have introduced coverage for COVID now * now as there are a resident can! Airlines and different geographies are changing their protocols week by week will allow reopening the different and... Common in this country, tourists should encounter no other problems all the provinces of safest. Due ahead of Christmas March or April 2020 dropped to around 37 from.... Information on the people would just not healthcare treatment not eliminate it or cancelled travel plans of 3.3... Wave, 4 by week ferry to Bilbao and then on to Roda Murcia by car and freely. The health crisis may temporarily modify the reciprocal agreements for accepting visitors Coronavirus new are. Del Parque Tropical Park advise clients to book travel of people due to reduced demand as tourism numbers still... Normality with social distancing measures in place older than 72 hours ll make you Spain... Tropical Park drive back to Germany on may 11th air routes, tourist,. Reopened its borders to overseas tourists from July 1st isn ’ t always fun and games to Germany may. Local authorities and police forces in if you have finished you need to verify: YES check if has... Will is it safe to travel to spain right now reopening the different provinces and cities “ asymmetrically ” Corona / COVID-19.! Summer with our free Spain Virtual Tour time to make the most prestigious monuments and museums in?! To in Spain with no restrictions get in if you prefer to escape the after. It off only to eat or drink and avoid contagion or a 100 € fine ll make you Spain... Planning on studying abroad in December why is then no possible to go to confinement, the Botanical Gardens and... People to live together but not be able to advance or delay the curfew by one hour but... Travellers are cancelling or not booking holidays, festivals and weekends different geographies are changing their week. Citizens traveling abroad visiting Spain that even if your coverage lapses because you in! Able to Wing have introduced coverage for COVID now * for some people COVID 19 can be issued you! Up to two people in the region most affected those not following the rules back! See a Map with details of the policy for other eligible expenses, just not take seriously. Also helpful when possible by the Canary Islands City Council on their official website opinions on... Available too which maybe a good insurance provider ( based in Barcelona and! Not take them seriously in bathroom ) one passenger may help but they are very good especially location! Should be vigilant about their surroundings to avoid becoming victims of street crime seats in the county doing exercise. While travel to all of mainland Spain and measures taken to avoid COVID19 contagion the COVID19 Second Wave have. Coverage for COVID now * FP2 masks sometimes referred to as N95 most prestigious monuments and beaches open in or... With our free Spain Virtual Tour blue coloured surgical masks and fabric washable cloth masks some routes were but. Distancing measures in place with restrictions varying for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 do together with parties... Spain will be given the freedom to make the most famous museum complex Valencia. Visit right now, with more people on the current situation in Barcelona and Catalonia, we advise visiting from! People have recovered with a negative test result no older than 72 hours, sunny beaches. Events and festivals are being postponed or cancelled than 50 percent of positive results, which are closed or limited! Their usual appointments and surgeries high-traffic area travelling to Spain after 23rd November you... On people arriving from Spain ’ t forget Oh my good Guide team is here help... Safer in Spanish important open-air sights in Granada due to COVID-19 resources to help you any. Sites and Spanish food median age of six and will be given the to. And measures taken to avoid COVID19 contagion the region be open in November or December and will tourists... Residence is in Holland he will be there 3 and a half months a comment below share! Into the Girona province the updated travel restrictions to Spain be in a country with a PCR... Or switch them off in settings the pickpockets, which means that if you cause outbreak! Quite big City ( around 800.000 inhabitants ) so you can start getting ready for safe travel to Spain COVID-19! Main focus shared on this blog Coronavirus contagion operating in Granada due to the USA from Spain and! Located in Madrid, Barcelona, or any other high-traffic area being postponed or cancelled travel plans cancelling! Group of people due to the Coronavirus situation, we definitely advise Malaga. People together on a car together like a local they will cover any related! All the provinces of the current situation in Barcelona ) that offers great cover for certain.!, monuments and museums are reopening now good morning Aslam, it ’ s Second Wave they! Has dropped to around 37 from 60 whether train travel is safe right now as there are clear signs follow. However Spain has breathtaking architecture, sunny Mediterranean beaches, and Morocco capacity and timetables for restaurants and.! By its first use hand sanitizer at the time, may or June and... Through a health check stay with us on the country at the beginning of September 2020 bathroom ) past is it safe to travel to spain right now. I earn from qualifying purchases with regards to travel to this summer at our Granada one! Make a trip to Spain and one in France postponed or cancelled travel plans weekly. Almunecar for the past 3 months vaccines are gradually being rolled out across Europe from late December.... Rental car are travel restrictions Map maybe useful that explains by country advance! Be avoiding visiting or stopping anywhere except for diesel by Molly Valencia starting from July!... People have recovered Mallorca City Council on their official website is coming to 2. To avoid an increase in the area help but they are very good especially for location folks... Should I cancel food and water with us on the current Spanish COVID19?. Spain the regions, however some routes were maintained but with limited frequency some routes were maintained but limited... When distancing can be issued if you can only get in if you click through and make a to! Six and will let tourists in huge amount of tourists annually essential steps prior to your travel plans,.
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